Home Port Stavanger

Through the ages the port as been an important place in Stavanger. In the port people, goods and vessels have had their home through ups, downs and restructuring.
The port provided shelter from the weather, was a workplace for many, a trading place filled with goods from all over the world, a meeting place and a stop on the journey out into the world.

Through a selection of people the exhibition shows the period from the Middle Ages to present day. Through the pirate Elise, the couple Hans and Henrica, the farmhand Thomas and the telegraphist Frida you get to know both their stories and the stories of the city.

Stavanger's identity has been closely linked to the city's fleet. The various vessels have transported people and goods alle over the world and connected us. What goods have been transported to and from the city?

In the media table you can explore different maps of the city from the 1700's to today. How has the city developed, and what activites have taken place here? Here you can dive into layers upon layers of pictures of the city, the people, vessels and companies.