A digital collecting project

M/S “Rogaland” is one of the few preserved veteran ships in this region. In the early twentieth-century, M/S “Rogaland” was a symbol for a new era within the costal traffic, due to its beautiful interior and advanced freight-handling equipment. 

M/S "Rogaland"

Photo: Jenssens foto/Stavanger Maritime Museum

Throughout the Second World War M/S “Rogaland” had several intense and dramatic encounters with mines and bombs. The best-known incident was the explosion that happened on the 20th of April 1944, in Bergen harbour. M/S Rogaland was greatly damaged by the explosion and sank in the harbour. Six people died and several were injured. The ship was rebuilt in 1946, but just as a cargo ship and has since been through several modifications in later years.    

Today the foundation, Stiftelsen Stavanger Veteranskib, works with restoring M/S “Rogaland” back to its 1946 post-war edition. In response to this restauration, Stavanger Maritime Museum has started a new project that involves collecting digital photographs. 

The museum hopes that the public can participate in this project, by sharing their own photographs of M/S “Rogaland” on Instagram or Facebook. The Stavanger Maritime Museum wishes to document and preserve the ship`s meaning and significance within today`s society. Therefore, it asks people to photograph their perceptions of the ship, and to help the museum with preserving the present for the future.


To participate, the public have to photograph M/S “Rogaland”, either as a portrait, or to document a trip with the ship, or a concept that is inspired by M/S “Rogaland”. Then the photographs have to be shared on either Instagram or Stavanger maritime museums Facebook page, with the hashtag #megogrogaland. People also need to have an open Instagram profile to be able to participate in this project. If people do not have Instagram, they can either share their photos on Facebook or email the digital images to

The museum will then share the images on Instagram through its own profile.

Some of the images that are shared on Instagram may be collected, and become a part of Stavanger Maritime Museum´s photographic collection. This means that collected images may be used in future research, exhibitions, and have a role in preserving Stavanger´s maritime cultural history. If so, the museum will contact the photographers of these possible images, to give more information. Stavanger Maritime Museum hopes that as many as possible can and will participate in this project, and is looking forward to seeing many different and exciting photo contributions. 

The museum also accepts older photographs of M/S “Rogaland”. These can be emailed, sent by mail or delivered to Muségata 16, 4010 Stavanger or Strandkaien 22, 4005 Stavanger.