Stavanger harbour

winter 2016

Underwater archaeological surveys were undertaken in Stavanger harbour during the winter of 2016 in connection with clarifying the procedure for cultural heritage in areas suggested for filling in the municipal subplan for Stavanger municipality. Visual inspection of the sea bed in the whole area was carried out with divers. Particular areas were selected for digging trenches to find successive cultural remains. One of the areas, Børeviga, was an area with many finds from ships in its cultural layers. Typological dating shows that finds in this layer were deposited from the first half of the 18th century until early in the 20th century, and come from ships, and are protected in accordance with Kulturminnelovens §14 (The Law of Cultural Heritage) The cultural layer is registered as protected ship’s remains with Askeladden id. 219585. Some other individual finds from outside the area of the cultural layer were also registered.

See the finds at Digitalt Museum.