Photo collection

Stavanger maritime museum has a photo collection that contains approximately 48 300 historical photographs, which are photographed between 1895-1960.

This collection reflects on historical changes that have happened within the region`s maritime history, city development, the region`s business development and its maritime culture/population

The main motives within the photo collection are Rogaland shipping history, historical Stavanger motives, documentation- family photos, and local Stavanger ships.

In our collection we have photographs by Julie Lund, a freelance photographer who took different forms of portraits, city and landscapes photographs, and a few interior photos. We also have great collection from Fotohuset Greve, a local photography store in Stavanger. The motives vary from landscape, ship portraits, various different maritime themes, to documentation photography. The museum has also a significant private collection from the Grude family, containing family portraits and pictures, Stavanger photos and a collection from the local theatre Rogaland Teater, inclusive actor/actress portraits and scene photographs.

Vi have collected these photographs in different manners, some have been bought, other have been given by families, sailors or local businesses. The museum still accepts donations and collects photographs from individuals or businesses. Additionally, we have started with collecting digital photographs through social media and other digital platforms.

The photographs in our collections are registered in a database, and a selection is published on Digitalt Museum for the public to see, and possibly order. The public are also welcomed to contact the museum directly to order photographs from our collection. 


M/S "Fisterfjord", built in Sunde in Sundhordaland 1921.

Photo: Jan Greve & Co.